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don't-don't give away my loooove

last night i wanted to write so bad.
i was in the same building as justin timberlake, nelly furtado, alexisonfire, etc. today. i went to visit scott at work (the bes) and since the juno's are in town all the stars are staying at the delta. it was pretty cool. someone at the hotel thought i was famous. haha i liked it.
i bought scott his presents. a mogwai cd, massage oil, a wooden massage thing, and a radiohead dvd.

i'm at my dad's right now. i came for supper and i'm waiting for my grad pictures to be uploaded onto my shutterfly account. it's taking forevvvver.

so annoyance #1:
brette and kim.
i don't get those two girls anymore. they bitch and complain about how they never see me and i never have time for them, yet i'm always the one calling them to make plans, and they are the one's who are always busy. it's starting to really piss me off.

annoyance #2:
melanie!!?!?!!! FUCK. last night she was supposed to call me with a ride to deniz's and pick me up on her way there, and then when i checked my voice mail this morning there was a message from her saying: "i can't believe you didn't come to deniz's!! why didn't you cooome?? caitlllinnnnn!!! you were supposed to come!! why didn't you show up?! i can't belive you!"

what the fuck, mel.
maybe if you laid off the drugs for more than a week your brain wouldn't be complete shit and you could get something RIGHT for a fucking change.

i'm really upset now.

i still can't find words to describe how i feel lately.

i had a dream last night that i've had before. it was creepy, but not really. me, jacie, and brette were in the besbourough. we were trying to meet scott, who was at the front doors. we were in the tallest tower of the furthest end. it was neat, it like, panned over the bes, which was like a castle with a train stuck to it.
we had to go through all these maze type things and we met several celebrities on the way (the only ones i actually remember who they were were my chemical romance). we had to run away from these creeper boys. i lost my red shoes. I CONTROLLED MY DREAM! i love that feeling. i left my shoes on the roof somewhere when me, sarah, and jacie were swimming (..dont ask aha) and then when i finally got to where scott was i was like "i left my shoes on the roof!" and i remember thinking that scott would know how to get them back and he was like "don't worry about it, it's all taken care of" and in my dream i was not completely believing him but i was trying to convince myself, and then i had my shoes back! it was so cool. i don't know if any of that makes sense.. but whatever. another part i could control was that i was walking through a restaurant part of the bes and i realized i was only wearing my pajama shirt, and instead of panicking i pretended like it was a new style and i strutted my legs off. then, mr. buzinski (old science teacher. was a total prick!!) came up to me and starts ragging on me for my clothes and everything, and i bitched him out so hard, so eloquently, and so WONDERFULLY! it was the greatest thing ever... even if it was just a dream. he was so baffled and felt like such shit after. completely humiliated.
and then i found scott! and everything was great!
hahaha cracked out, hey? i thought so.
oh, brette just called me. ahha wow. i like how my mood can change so drastically in the time it takes to write an entry.
i'm out though i think. the sooner i go socialize, the better.

6:50 p.m. - 2007-03-31


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